3 Lessons To Learn From Failure


A few things have crossed my mind the past few months in regards to failure.

How do you define / measure failure. Are there different levels of a failure or does one thing make the whole situation a massive fail?

Is failure a bad thing?

Throughout 2018 and the start of 2019 I have experienced many failures; I feel a bit more open to talk about this topic and most importantly accept them because I hope at least my experience and thoughts could help someone out there experiencing the same trials and tribulations. 

These are the 3 recent things I have learnt from failure.


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Sometimes you don’t realise your strength until you face the problem you have.

It’s reassuring to know that you are not alone in this. There was a huge sense o`f relief after opening up and even confessing my failures to people and what I’m going through, knowing that in one way or another they’ve been through it too. Everyone does say its always better out than in. I guess the pack mentality goes in favour with this one. 

Everyone goes through this at some point in their lives, whether it be for a major exam, a job interview, relationships, even those little mundane tasks such as making someone a cuppa or even shopping for groceries. It doesn’t matter – everyone experiences failure at some point in their lives which is not a bad thing, it’s just a matter of perspective.




Attitude determines the outcomes of ‘failure’.

Your attitude determines the outcomes of so called ‘fails’ – you must have heard about all the greats of our time whether it be politicians, movie stars or even those with a verified blue tick on Instagram. I bet you they’ve made mistakes and have failed at something and it’s completely okay to do so because it teaches us actually you have 2 choices 1 sit and stay in the depths of the uncomfortable, or pick yourself up, start again and move on.

The biggest thing that failure has taught me is that it creates opportunity. A re-start to things which clears you through to the next phase. Growth.




Failure gives you that gut-wrenching anxious feeling, which is never good. But the thing is after that moment has passed and you come to accept the fact that yes that did happen, there’s nothing you can do about it – your body, mind and soul eventually do accept it and move on. You just need to have that initial thought of a better tomorrow. 

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan.

Never thought I would ever quote the great Michael Jordan but here I am! First off trying to acknowledge that, I’ve failed. I feel absolutely devastated about it but everyone goes through it one way or another. So it’s time for me to change my perspective, move forward and live my best life. The greatest opportunity here is to be able to more clearly see the mistakes you may have committed to; from the little habits that chipped away at your productivity to the unruly optimism that lead you to attempt the task unprepared. Whatever it is, failure i’m afraid, is not only one of the best forms of feedback – but sometimes the only form. Thankfully, it also brings with it the opportunity to be better – and with this, taking action will lead to even more success! – if it is sustained past the next similar task. 

Think about this: how many times in your life have you failed at something only to discover another opportunity? Maybe it was a failed relationship that led you to someone great. Maybe it was a job that didn’t suit you and brought you a better one.

Regardless of what your “failure” was, the sweetness afterwards was much better as a result, wasn’t it? It has been said after all –  success breeds more success & failure shapes us to achieve it. 

Love, Pingkan x


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