Ren Perfect Canvas Review


Ren Perfect Canvas Review


The Ren Perfect Canvas* primer is described as ‘A silicone-free perfecting serum for all skin types, designed to sit over moisturiser to smooth fine lines and prime skin for make-up.’.



When I originally received this during the summer it just didn’t seem to work with my combination / skin dryness level thus retiring it to the backend of my skincare stash. However, since my skin has gotten much drier because of the cold weather I added this back in as another extra layer of moisture to my morning skincare routine and I am pleased to report its been working super well!

I was honestly quite surprised at the way this product went a complete 360 for me, from not working at all during summer to now being a staple in my morning routine. I’m not normally a primer person but this bridges that skincare and makeup line as there are days where I just wear this and a little lip tint and feel quite positive about my skin for the day ahead.



The pipet is very easy to use and satisfying to control and the packaging makes my vanity that little bit more chic with its simplistic design.

At first touch the formula feels very luxurious but very lightweight, I really enjoy the fact that the liquid is not greasy and thick like some primers I’ve tried before. It easily melts into the skin and provides not only an extra layer of hydration but locks in that moisture which is perfect for a dry-skin gal like myself, ensuring that the skin is ready for a smooth and easy base-makeup application. This makes completely sense as upon researching the key ingredients, they include probiotics which strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to protect and lock in moisture as well as Blue Agave extract to smooth the skin and Alpha-Glucans that balances the skin’s natural bacteria basically boosting the defence barrier and restoring the moisture balance.



I’m so happy that this product finally worked on my skin, I love applying this after my moisturiser and gently patting it into the skin. I also really love the fact that it really cares for your skin state, as well as making my base makeup perform better.

Have you tried Ren Perfect Canvas before? What are your current skincare faves for the winter season?

Love, Pingkan x


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