Ivy Park Co-Ord


I am utterly obsessed with this co-ord. It took me a good 2 weeks to actually hunt them down but one of the perks of having a boyfriend in London, is that he can scope out all the London Topshops in the event of online or the Liverpool store being sold out… very handy!

As you may or may not already know I am fully obsessed with Kpop still and the Kfashion that goes along with it – with Seoul Fashion week taking a special place in my heart! This look was pretty much inspired once again with all the cute and quirky kpop fashion that was around this summer. I even found these adorable little pom pom socks that just screams cuteee!

NGL, scouting out new locations to shoot in Liverpool was so hard! I am a creature of habit for in-town shots and definitely have my favourites – inc the Docks. There are times I don’t leave the house til 12pm, then I happen to catch all the tourists and let me tell ya this was a true testimony of my taking photos in front of people skills. You’d think after blogging for over 2 years now that I would be used to this, but nope, still find it awkward 🙂. I couldn’t pass on a glorious day like this though, it was so sunny and actually warm – literally the perfect weather for shooting and I genuinely love days like this, sunny, un-planned, see-where the days take you. As after this shoot, myself and Jean-Michael didn’t plan to do anything except grab a bite to eat but we decided to venture around town and ended up walking around for a good few hours nattering on mostly about where we should eat and general, deep life discussions.

Hat: Forever 21 | Ivy Park Co-Ord – Topshop | Bag: Pull & Bear | Shoes: Adidas 

What life questions do you and your friends ponder during your walks?
Love, Pingkan x

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  1. edugeeksclub says:

    Wow great post and I love the outfit. You have pulled off the look so well, casual yet chic. You have an amazing sense of style, hope to see more such posts from you soon. Great post!

  2. Thank you so much! <3 x

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