5 Festival Tips

Monday, 23 October 2017

I created this look in mind to wear at Creamfields this year however, working a festival vs being a punter are 2 completely different things... I thought I would be super organised and plan not just my outfits but other essentials to take with me but of course as anyone who works in a Marketing, Music or Events team will understand, the last month if not 3 months before any festival whether it be a day or in this case 4-day event is utter chaos. It's one of those so-busy-forget-to-eat kind of times!

Thankfully a lovely email from Push Doctor* came through to my inbox for a festival survival kit - to help me win at the festival game. Push Doctor kindly provided me with a box filled with festival essentials such as hand sanitiser, sunscreen, dry shampoo, deodorant, first aid kit, etc and I honestly couldn't be more thankful - one less thing for me to worry about in the midst of all the madness!

Whether you are a festival fresher or think you’re a festival veteran, here are a few tips that will make your festival life easier and things that you might not have thought of before.

  • Make sure you have proof of ID (no photocopies and photos on your phone / camera does not count as a valid form of ID). There is nothing worse than getting to the front of the line and having to go home because you forgot your ID whilst your mates kick-off because you’re carrying the tent.

  • Write down your mates phone numbers on a piece of paper, in case you lose your friends or your phone, because, do you know their numbers of by heart?

  • Bring lots of hand sanitiser! This one from Push Doctor was amazing not only does it smell lovely, it has a little clip which I attached to my lanyard at all times.

  • Have a non-denim outfit option. Wet denim is the worst ladies and gents not only is it heavy as hell but it's definitely not going to dry quickly.

  • Check the 'What to bring / not to bring' items list on the festival you are going to FAQ's. There might be some things in there that you thought were fine to bring but they are classed as prohibited - for example,  glass in any form. This could be in the form of a mirror; including a make-up palette. Leave the Naked palettes at home girls there will be plenty of mirrors on site in the pamper parlours inside of the festival grounds.

I hope you found these 5 tips useful and remember to stay safe and most importantly have fun!

Also make sure to check out Push Doctor for fast, confidential, expert advice wherever you need it :)

Hat: Primark | Denim Jacket: Missy Empire* | T-shirt: LOTD* | Shoes: River Island

Love, Pingkan x


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Experience Nespresso

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

I am so thrilled to be writing this post as I am happy to announce that I am in partnership* with Nespresso to bring you all the details of Liverpool's latest boutique!

Last week I had the utmost pleasure to be one of the first people in Liverpool to have a sneak peek of the sparkling new boutique concept Nespresso has launched, located at Peter's Lane in the heart of Liverpool One. It was a real treat to speak to the insiders who brought with them a lot of knowledge - they really educated me on the brand history and values as well as happily explaining each and every detail that you might never have known. For example, did you know that the boutique’s decor has been created using sustainably-designed materials which includes the beautiful table tops made of (get this) used coffee grounds from Nespresso's very own factory in Switzerland? And the wood has been 100% sourced from Nespresso's reforestation programs on coffee farms. How lovely is that! I even got to taste some of the most delicious culinary delights from The Arts School, some of which were infused with Nespresso coffee. There was nothing but positive vibes from everyone in the event and the strong, genuine enthusiasm for the brand was infectious.

The boutique is truly something else, described as 'an immersive coffee experience allowing for deeper learning and coffee exploration'. There is a lovely warm feeling that you get when you do step into the room and a clearly well thought out path for you to see the newest machines and products on offer, as well as the delightful pops of green from the plants and you know how bloggers feel about plants - yep extra brownie points right there. If you do happen to wander down Peter's Lane I am sure the window display and the luxe feel of the boutique will draw you in.

One of my favourite features of this boutique is their Atelier table, I loved the relaxed feel of this part of the boutique and how it makes you at ease as well - almost as if you were in a friend's really luxe kitchen in Switzerland. During the event, we had a coffee masterclass given to us by their Coffee Specialist, we all got to sample and learn more about the new limited edition flavours from the 'Explorations 2' range; one being the 'Ethiopia Yirgacheffe' & the other 'Columbia Aguadas', we were taught how to heighten the different coffee notes and to see if we can pick out the aromas. Now normally I am a latte with extra milk kind of gal when it comes to coffee preference, but thanks to this Coffee Masterclass I have found a new love for what an excellent, high quality cup of coffee (with no milk ladies and gentlemen) should taste like. My favourite was the 'Columbia Aguadas' - the sweet notes and candied fruity taste was pretty spectacular. Of course, they also do splendid coffee with milk too!

If you would like to experience this yourself make sure to pop in to the new boutique where you too can not only deepen your coffee knowledge but also enjoy a premium Nespresso coffee. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just enjoy a good cuppa in the morning make sure you visit the boutique!

How do you like your coffee? With milk or without?

Love, Pingkan x


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