Paul & Joe Beauty - Summer 2017 Collection Review

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Let's talk about Blush 

Now, normally I am not a Blush kind of gal and if you have ever raided through my makeup bag, you know that I am forever hitting pan on my bronzers. I always find myself wanting a sun-kissed and chiselled look, whilst previous blush experiences have consistently left me looking like a Pokemon - much like Pikachu and not in the cute way!
Literally in the 'Girl... I can see your blush from a mile away' type of look... *sigh*

This brings me to happily introduce you to... the Paul & Joe Summer 2017 Gel Blush!*

Now this Blush is really something else! First of all the consistency is almost like a bouncy jelly, you know, sorta like the jelly you get in bubble tea but a little bit more buttery. The formula itself feels very cooling on the fingertips and very refreshing when you dab it on your cheeks. I have the colour Fantasy (001), which is described as 'A meltingly sweet glow, this soft pink is the perfect shade'. On my skin tone it is a lovely peachy-soft-nude-pink toned blush; which is so perfect for me as i'm not too fond of the bright red or orange blushes for me personally - cos ain't nobody wanna be looking like something out of an Anime on an every day basis⚡️.

I find that applying it with my fingers works the best rather than using my blush-brush as the product easily melts and melds into the skin; giving it a more soft and luminous look. Also as it is quite cooling, it makes my morning routine that bit more refreshing.
Now this product does have a slight scent but it's nothing too over powering - more of a light floral / sweet smell which is quite delightful really :). I enjoy how this product still dries to a dewy look - so flattering especially for the summer months. Side note; I recently tried this blush as an eye shadow primer for a pinky, makeup-look and it worked like a treat. My pink-toned eyeshadow stayed on with no creasing whatsoever, look out for it on a video soon!

How have we got this far into this blogpost without mentioning the packaging? 
Okay, seriously aren't these just the cutest packaging ever? I mean, it literally has everything from palm trees to love hearts and cute cat illustrations - how bloody adorable!

I am a sucker for anything cute / kitch and this just ticks all the right boxes for me.

Now the Paul & Joe - Face & Eye Colour* box is just beautiful. These can be swirled together to give an extra glow to the skin as blush, or you can use them on the eyes for eyeshadow. They are enriched with Jojoba oil, Orange Flower Water, White Lilly extract and Rosa Roxburhii Fruit Extract which makes them super soft powders! And are totally suitable for sensitive skin gals like myself.

The shade I have is the Mon Petit Chat (109) described as 'A sweet, girly style that is the look of pure love'. Hues in the palette include: A lovely pink with tints of silver, sweet pink that is rich with hues of red; and light pink with silver and pearl undertones'. Be warned this product is no joke, even though the packaging is so super kawaii it really packs a punch in terms of pigment. One swirl of this and several taps of excess powder later and you are good to go. With that in mind I really do like the finish it gives to my skin - a lovely flush of colour on the cheekbones to make them appear that bit more radiant.

Have your heard of Paul & Joe Beauty before? What are you favourite blushers for the summer time?

Love, Pingkan x

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British Style Collective Day 1 Picture Diary

Saturday, 8 July 2017

What an INCREDIBLE first day at the The British Style Collective 💓.

I thought I would squeeze in a post to share with you some of the things that I got up to yesterday and was able to capture.

So yesterday I sat on two panels where I spoke about breaking into the wonderful world of blogging! I was surrounded by some of the finest bloggers within the community as well as being sat in the #FROW with the most influential fashion leaders in the industry! And to top it all off, I made it onto the 6pm BBC NEWS! 

Check out the BBC Interview here - where I mention some key summer trends and you can see some neat footage from what is 'Europe's biggest runway event' ! 

Let's just say... Mama I made it! ✨

Gingham Dreams with Edeline Lee

A/W Winter with Philip Armstrong

With the amazing Hilary Alexander OBE, Caroline of Knickers Models Own, Sabina of Fashernablylate & Emma of The Emasphere

With the gorgeous Emma & Megan of Pages By Megan!

Stay tuned for more in-depth blog posts following on from yesterday and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Insta stories where I will showcasing more of what The British Style Collective has to offer this weekend 💛.

Love, Pingkan x

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