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My current go-to outfit has been this smock dress with fishnets, at times I try to jazz it up by adding knee high boots, but this time I defaulted to the ever popular fishnets & ankle boots combo. I’m still not completely over the whole embroidery trend, in fact I only now find myself really getting into it and incorporating it into my everyday outfits. 
I don’t really see embroidery going out of trend anytime soon, in fact, I think we’ll have quite the opposite. I expect a more enhanced and refined pieces of embroidery featuring in store and online. The do-it-yourself aesthetic really hits home to millennials like myself, I mean – what 90’s kid didn’t have a ball when they found they could actually iron on patches and of course, stitch their initials on to their garments? I for sure did! I vividly remember feeling so proud of myself after stitching my initials on a beloved Primark polo top (multicoloured pink and yellow toned) and feeling so made up with the thing, I then went on to showcase the masterpiece in a Duke Of Edinburgh meeting after school where it was greatly received by my peers.
I feel like even if it’s something so basic like the clothes we wear, anything that reminds us even a fraction of our best childhood memories is 100% worth the buy. Which is why I think the embroidery trend will be that extra bit more popular and be sticking around for a wee while.

Hat & Coat – Zara | Dress – Zaful* | Bag- Zaful* | Shoes – Dune London

Thanks to Zaful who kindly not only sent me this dress but also sent me this amazing embroidered bag! A blogger taboo I succumbed to recently was use it for a family event and thus exposing it to the world before the lovely blogging community, crazy, i know! Anyways majority of my fam actually asked where my bag is from and where they could buy it. Which is always a nice compliment, anytime someone says ‘where did you get that?’ with such enthusiasm indeed puts a spring in my step as they say – haha. Of course I did say you’ll have to see it on the blog 😉 and guys, if you’re reading this I can finally say it was from the lovely people over at Zaful.
Have you picked up any Embroidery pieces lately?

❃ ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

Love, Pingkan x

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