The Kate Spade Backpack

Friday, 31 March 2017

This is an ode to the latest addition to my handbag collection. I have always been fond of the good old fashioned backpack and have owned many, from aztec patterns to your traditional brown - almost black EastPack backpack comment below if you had this when you were in school :)

 Thanks to my Jean-Michael, my dreams of owning a designer backpack finally came true! He kindly gifted this to me as part of my Christmas gifts... I mean, I did send him some cheeky suggestions accompanied with a few hints sprinkled here and there through Facebook messages and Instagram screenshots - that I was in need of a new back pack. My old faithful from Zara, has had its day and my wardrobe simply needed a better upgrade to last me through my 20s and hopefully 30s! He also knew that I was a big fan of Kate Spade so this was a well thought out pressie - that I of course love to bits!  

 We shot this a couple weeks back near St. James’ park after a cute Sunday-Sushi-afternoon-tea-date with a much needed walk after copious amounts of sushi and cake consumed. Nothing really beats an all black outfit, I mean it was the perfect accompaniment for these new sunnies also kindly gifted by my boyfriends little brother Jamesson. These are my very first Quay Australia sunnies and I am in love . First of all, just look at that Rose Gold goodness! And it’s also mirrored - which means lippie check. tick. 

Not only are backpacks crazy practical they just look cool and leave your hands free #winning. There are many options out there right now from the most recent Louis Vuitton's 'Palm Springs' blogger back pack fave to the conventional canvas ones. The options are endless and i'm still 100% diggin' it.

Love, Pingkan x

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Trend Alert: Embroidery ❃ ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

Thursday, 23 March 2017

My current go-to outfit has been this smock dress with fishnets, at times I try to jazz it up by adding knee high boots, but this time I defaulted to the ever popular fishnets & ankle boots combo. I'm still not completely over the whole embroidery trend, in fact I only now find myself really getting into it and incorporating it into my everyday outfits. 

I don't really see embroidery going out of trend anytime soon, in fact, I think we'll have quite the opposite. I expect a more enhanced and refined pieces of embroidery featuring in store and online. The do-it-yourself aesthetic really hits home to millennials like myself, I mean - what 90's kid didn't have a ball when they found they could actually iron on patches and of course, stitch their initials on to their garments? I for sure did! I vividly remember feeling so proud of myself after stitching my initials on a beloved Primark polo top (multicoloured pink and yellow toned) and feeling so made up with the thing, I then went on to showcase the masterpiece in a Duke Of Edinburgh meeting after school where it was greatly received by my peers.
I feel like even if it's something so basic like the clothes we wear, anything that reminds us even a fraction of our best childhood memories is 100% worth the buy. Which is why I think the embroidery trend will be that extra bit more popular and be sticking around for a wee while.

Hat & Coat - Zara | Dress - Zaful* | Bag- Zaful* | Shoes - Dune London

Thanks to Zaful who kindly not only sent me this dress but also sent me this amazing embroidered bag! A blogger taboo I succumbed to recently was use it for a family event and thus exposing it to the world before the lovely blogging community, crazy, i know! Anyways majority of my fam actually asked where my bag is from and where they could buy it. Which is always a nice compliment, anytime someone says 'where did you get that?' with such enthusiasm indeed puts a spring in my step as they say - haha. Of course I did say you'll have to see it on the blog ;) and guys, if you're reading this I can finally say it was from the lovely people over at Zaful.

Have you picked up any Embroidery pieces lately?

❃ ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

Love, Pingkan x

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My Favourite Spots In Liverpool - The Docks

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hey guys, so in today's post I thought i’d share a little bit more about what makes me fall in love each day; in the little place I call home. 

One of my favourite places to always pop by has to be the docks. Anytime I need some fresh air and gather my thoughts I always seem to end up there. If I've had a bad day or feel stressed out I always make the time to just pop by and enjoy the scenery, especially in the sunshine oh my, the feels. It boasts an incredibly diverse architectural landscape with traditional buildings sprinkled about; stand out structures which are of course, very Instagrammable at all angles. It also has so many cute pop-up happenings; especially down at Albert Dock. When I went over the weekend there was a lovely Cambridge Satchel pop up, where you can customise the bags and also get your satchel embossed :)

When the weather gets much warmer I intend to start to run again. Wish me luck! It is such a beautiful place to run especially when the sun starts setting in and the sky turns a lovely peachy-blue - breathtaking really, a definite perk of living so close to this beauty and a great change of scenery from the treadmill.

I think what I most enjoy about the dockside is how relaxed the vibe is, everyone seems to just be enjoying the scenery and watching the world go by and out into the distance. It is also one of my favourite places to do blog outfit posts… As you can see from here and here:). Who needs a Chelsea street when you have these bad boys!

If you haven't been yet definitely take the time to go! you won’t regret it. You can spend a whole day museum hopping and when you are ready to eat; it caters and boasts plenty of food places to tempt the tastebuds from your traditional Fish & Chips, Italian, Gourmet Steak House through to the eastern spices of India. There's plenty of flavours to go around.

I honestly feel very blessed to live in such an inspiring place and i’m very lucky to be able to have this so easily accessible! It's not so grim up north! ^_^ Thanks to The Car People for the inspiring me to do this post and celebrating the beauty that is the North! 

Any of my blogger babes reading this, do let me know if you ever come to Liverpool, would love to meet and grab a coffee! :)

Love, Pingkan x

The Pink Primark Hoody | How To Keep Clothes Fresh

Sunday, 5 March 2017

The pink obsession continues guys! Although the last time I posted a nearly all pink outfit was in October, it's safe to say i'm still not over the colour pink - more specifically the beautiful aesthetic that is blush tones...

I absolutely adore this pink hoody from Primark and honestly wear it at least twice a week. I reckon it can fuel a transition from comfortable chic to instagram baddie in 0-100s - with just a little accessorising to boot i.e an cute word printed on a Cap. For this look I simply paired it with my trusted leggings from Wolford and accessorised it with a few new additions to my wardrobe. Despite the gloomy day during this impromptu shoot, my spirits remained that little bit more uplifted and the docks seemed that little bit more beautiful :).

Sunglasses - *SammyDress | Scarf - Gucci | Hoodie - Primark | Bag - Pull & Bear | Shoes - Zara

This prized hoodie is one of the items that I really want to keep and look after in my wardrobe for as long as possible, therefore taking good care of is a priority of mine every time I wash it.
These are the steps I take to properly take care of this beaut piece of clothing:

1. Always read the washing instructions on the label
For any items that I genuinely don't want to shrink, discolour or fall apart I always make sure to wash it according to the recommended instructions inside the garment. From any reputable fashion retailers, they would have a team or a Garment Technologist that really know their stuff and analyse how to best take care of this and make it easy for us as the consumers to follow!

2. Avoid Heat
It's always best for you to air dry clothes wherever possible as unnecessary heat has a tendency to make clothes fade.

3. Use A Hanger
For this particular piece I always make sure to hang it with a felt hanger and never a wire hanger as it keeps its shape better.

I'm sure you guys have been seeing a lot of amazing pinks from the high-street, whilst browsing online and especially all over Fashion Week. Let's face it, pink is the new black. I especially love looking at Fashion Week's street style snaps, this is where I find i'm most inspired and infuse this into my own personal style.

Speaking of Fashion Week, did you know that Verve is the Official Garment Care Supplier of London Fashion Week? Thanks to the lovely people over at Verve who have kindly sponsored this post* you can  now keep your most cherished items looking new for longer! The star product out of all the fabulous Verve collection has to be the Refresh Spray. It has the most the most amazing crisp, fresh and slightly floral scent which is the perfect boost to help keep my clothes stay that little bit fresh for longer in between washes :).

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Do you have any clothing hacks or ways to keep your clothes looking newer for longer? Do share!

Love, Pingkan x

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