SHOW Beauty Sublime Hair Care Review

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Let's talk about hair. In today's blog i'll be talking to you about how I use Caviar and white truffle extracts within my hair-care routine. Yep, that's right ladies and gents - Caviar and white truffle. This is all done through the SHOW Beauty* product. Never in a millions years did I think I would indulge in something so exquisite just for my hair! Did I mention these products are also parabens and sulphates free? *Yas SHOW Beauty! 

According to Harvey Nichols 'SHOW Beauty offers an opulent yet efficacious hair-styling collection that provides a window into the often untouchable world of elite elegance.' Just that sentence alone oozes elegance - I mean really now, who doesn't want a window into the untouchable world of elite elegance?! To even have a peep is just the dream and that my lovelies, is exactly what I've been experiencing in the bathroom. I mean just look at that packaging it's honestly the chic-est looking hair care products on the market and plus it makes my somewhat normal looking bathroom display soo instagram worthy. The general aesthetic is just on point.

Let's start off with the scent - I must say these products maintain a scent that is most delightful. I would gauge it was more on the sweeter side but nothing sickly, just wonderfully pleasant! What I love the most about the shampoo in particular is the colour of it, when you pump the product out (I use around 4 pumps to be exact) to me it has lovely pearlescent finish which adds to the whole luxurious bathroom experience. It doesn't lather as much as other shampoos that i've tried in the past but I do feel like it still does a great job of cleansing and most importantly, nourishing my hair.

I do feel like the combination of these products has restored a gentle shine to my hair which I believe is due to the the Caviar and white truffle extracts of course (also meant to revive and enrich the hair) and the infused quinoa protein known to reinforce hair fibres.

The real winner for me is the Repair Treatment Mask. I used to hate deep conditioning my hair but every time I use this it's a an absolute treat. I leave it on my hair starting from the middle and then working it through to the ends for about 5-10 mins after shampooing and then after washing it off, wala! my hair feels so silky and smooth - the smell again is just divine!

I would highly recommend these products if you are thinking of treating yourself especially for a pay-day treat - as they do start at the £33 mark! Perhaps start off with the Repair Treatment Mask :)

Have you tried any SHOW Beauty products? Would love to hear about it!

Love, Pingkan x

Why a social media break is so good

Friday, 27 January 2017

First of all, happy new year people! I hope you're all well rested and raring to take on 2017! :)

It's been what seems like forever, but actually it's only been just over 1 month since my last blog post. As a blogger, I do have to admit it feels like a lifetime. 

So what have I been doing during my little break? Honestly, I have just been catching up on some of the things I'd missed, making time for more simpler moments as it were. Perhaps a little more living in the moment rather than capturing the moments was a much needed release. Things like eating without taking pre-emptive food photos, reading books rather than what's just on my Facebook timeline and more importantly relaxing, letting my body and mind catch up with each other.

I don't know about you but when the end of the year comes around, everything seems to just happen at once -from family events to work commitments and of course the dreaded last minute Christmas shopping! It all just piles up. For most people this is already stressful, it was good to allow myself a little more time to dive into the hustle and bustle. I let the tweet scheduling slide and brought in instead, the family and friend cramming!

I can safely say any sanity previously lost in the world of blogging has been fully restored and thus my continued quest to explore life and fashion and share it with you all ensues!

Sunglasses - Pull & Bear | Kimono - Gifted | Shorts -Primark | Shirt & Shoes - Forever21

Is it me or did anyone else have high expectations of January to be slightly warmer? I guess this is because I was just so ready for the summer sun to kick in after New Years... Since it is Friday I thought it was fitting to throwback to warmer times when I was back in Crete last September. I have to admit, this is a pretty basic outfit but just look at that pattern though! My friend Kariza kindly gifted me this one of a kind Kimono from her work and I am just so obsessed. It's the perfect piece to add a pop of somthin' to any outfit! Also can we just talk about how tanned I am please? Oh how I wish my legs was this colour again... Guess it's time to be looking forward to the 2017 holidays! 

Make those plans everyone i'm sure it will be here before we know it!

As for me, I would love to hear your suggestions on where to go! In fact if anyone has any travel posts please leave them in the comments section below for me to have a nose! :) 

Ohh btw I also started a Youtube channel :) Please subscribe and like! <3

Love, Pingkan x

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