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New hair don’t curr!

My creature of habit days are finally over! Thanks to an opportunity with Sassoon Salons at The Metquarter in Liverpool; I am finally free of my long locks!

Ever since I can remember I have always had super long hair, like down to the dimples of your back kinda long; yep, I was always that girl with the long straight hair.The last time that I had my hair super chopped-off was when I was in my early teens, back when everyone had long thick fringes and skirts down to their ankles. No joke, it was in fashion in my school, to rock that non-high waisted look… Needless to say like a lot of the things back in those days, I totally regretted some of the things that I did, especially when I decided to cut my hair to shoulder length. It was an instant regret that made me think OHMY what have I done?? All I kept on thinking was that I look like Dora The Explorer and that definitely wasn’t the look that I was going for… I wanted to look cool and edgy and not extra child-like, *sigh. Anyways ever since the trauma of that period of my life every time I went to the hairdresser it had always been ‘Just a few inches off please’.

Fast forward a decade later… and I have finally done it!
To be honest if it wasn’t for the in-depth consultation from Sassoon Salons I probably would have just gotten the same thing. Jon who was my hairstylist, recommended that I went with a cut to enhance my face and features and give my hair that extra thickness which it badly needed. The problem with having super long hair is how limp and lifeless it can be without styling, and for real, ain’t no body got time for that in the morning before work!
Initially they also recommended a more ashy and cool toned ombre colour but after getting a bit too happy with Pinteresting ladies with short hair and purple toned hair; I just thought right! let’s just go for it! I was ready to change my mind and go for a full head of purple…

Thankfully Isla who was my colour director, suggested that I should go gradually towards that colour as it’s already going be be a drastic hair cut induced change, perhaps a whole hair colour change would be way too much for me to handle all at once! And not to mention the actual condition my hair would be in afterward. She suggested just hints of lilac for now to compliment with the ashy blonde and I am so thankful for this as I absolute love the colour of it now! In certain lights its super cool toned ashy blonde which makes my hair more multi-dimentional than the standard ombre look I had going on before! and in brighter lights you can totally see the hints of purple which is just so pretty!

Photographer: Jean-Michael Ipock

It’s really amazing how a haircut and colour can really change your whole mood! I feel much more experimental with my clothes and even with lipstick shades I had never before dreamed of trying! I really can’t thank Sassoon Salons enough for giving me this super sassy hair which i truly adore 🙂

Fancy a drastic change or kind refine? I’d definitely recommended Sassoon Salons and if your around Liverpool make sure you specifically check out The Metquarter Salon 🙂

Love, Pingkan x

4 responses to “The Chop | Sassoon Salons”

  1. A good hair stylist makes a world of differences, eh? Your new hair do is stunning!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Anett B says:

    I'm another girl with super long hair who's scared to chop it off, but yours turned out beautifully! Love both the colour and the cut!

    Bella Pummarola

  3. Jemini Wong says:

    Girllll your hair looks gorgeous! Love both your long hair and this shorter-do. You're lucky that you can rock both looks! If I cut my hair off, I'd just look like a round watermelon haha xx


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