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What better way to prep for London Fashion Week than an evening of cocktails and designer handbags!  Last week I was kindly invited by the lovely ladies from for an intimate evening of delicious cocktails at The Alchemist in Manchester and of course all the tastefully superb designer handbags were there too!

MyBag is an online handbag and accessories boutique dedicated to offering luxury designer handbags and bags for all occasions. They offer an array of luxury brands from Valentino, Misssoni, Vivienne Westwood to blogger favourites such as Grafea, Henry Holland to Cambridge Satchel & Co. I really do love the spectrum of designers that MyBag offers, I bet you there’s at least 5 things on there that will be in your #PayDayTreats list 😉

As soon as I arrived to the event I was greeted with the warmest of welcomes from the lovely ladies at MyBag, so I knew I was up for a good night from the get-go! As soon I went over to photograph / stalk the gorgeous array of pink toned bags I was super happy to see Abi from (Blush & Noise) there! It’s always nice to see someone you know and I was literally praying that someone I know would be there, especially if you are going on your own >.<

Above Photograph courtesy of Garry Finch

After a good ol’ chinwag and catch up about life and of course the delicious cocktails that The Alchemist provided, it was our turn to make some. So at university I had a part time job as a bartender but the only cocktails making skills I had was literally making Mojitos and that literally involved mixing sugar, with crushed ice and rum… Nothing fancy like what the Bartenders at The Alchemist taught us. I mean we had beakers and even dry ice event flames in the mix! The whole process was definitely an experience to remember! Not gonna lie, the drink tasted pretty delicious too… I loved the spicy kick it had towards the end. The perfect winter drink!

There was a definite theme with all the showcased bags, it was so nice to actually see them in real life, my favourite from the selection was definitely the Grafea Backpack. I just completely fell in love with it. I see it all the time on peoples blogs and various websites and always thought ‘Ahh yeah that’s a cute bag’ but after physically seeing it online especially with the added pink pompom I just adore it! Mega cute!

I can’t wait to see what the lovely ladies at MyBag get up to at Fashion Week, i’m sure it’s all going to not only look amazing but leave you feeling amazing – Just like I did at this event 🙂

What are your most wanted bags?

Love, Pingkan x

3 responses to “Cocktails And Handbags | #MyBagMostWanted Blogger Event”

  1. Anett B says:

    Looks like a lovely event and the handbags are really pretty!

    Bella Pummarola

  2. Lorna says:

    Oh what a great event! Loving some of those handbags there!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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