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Sunglasses: Spitfire Via ASOS | Coat: New Look | White Shirt: Marks & Spencers | Hosiery : Wolford* | Hat & Bag: Zara | Shoes: River Island

I am completely smitten with these pull up hosiery from Wolford* not only are they super adorable but they are so unbelievably comfy. I was quite skeptical as to whether these were actually going to stay up, but after wearing them out for a full day I can safely report back and say that they did not budge at all. The sticky adhesive at their upper end is legit guys.

The quote itself is what drew me into these to begin with; ‘Love Is Enough‘ is a pretty powerful statement i’d say. I am a huge fan of Love and believe in everything that it stands for so why not wear it on my calves eh? It’s also in a gorgeous san-serif font, which being a type nerd that I am; of course I really loove. I feel like it totally compliments and adds to the whole luxe vibe of these essentially simple piece of hosiery.

Now considering that we’re in June it’s still quite nippy here in England! I mean we did have that fabulous 3 day run-of-sun, but now it’s back to rain and darkness… Seriously is that all the sun that we’re gonna get this year? Am I the only one who is affected by these things?, leading to questions like should I bring a coat to work / should I wear tights or should I go bare legged? So many things pop into my head when I get up in the morning – the struggle is real! #GirlProblems

This explains why on this occasion I paired these super cute pull ups with my silky faux leopard print coat from New Look. The weather was sunny but the wind just made me re-think my whole outfit situation, however I cannot lie; I was at a pretty perfect temperature in this ensemble. Shout out to you New Look! Thanks for making a cosy coat to keep me warm against the wind 🙂 

Photographer: Jean-Michael Solis Ipock

I’ve had the craziest couple of weeks and well this week has been like no other, physically – I started going to the gym again and oh my goodness, you know the drill; of course my muscles ached. The first spinning class I went to, woaah my thighs man. They hurt so bad the next day but you know that good ache after exercising; where you feel like you’ve instantly gained muscles hehe.

So this is usually where I stop writing, but I’d like to start opening up more about my personal life.
It’s been a really tough week for me emotionally, although I managed to push a lot of my feelings to the back of my mind and strolled forward as much as I could. It happens sometimes, but this week they started creeping back up again and it really just put me off -centre with my thoughts and well, life. I’m sure many of you have had similar periods of time like this where you try and push everything you’re feeling to one side and focus all your attention onto something else, but you get the random thought or trigger and your just a complete hot-mess. One thing i’ve done differently instead of bottling things up and has helped me a great deal this week is to really talk out my feelings. By really I mean firstly admitting that I need to let it all out and this has made me really appreciate the support network that i’m really blessed to have! I know your reading this Blub – Thank you 🙂

Remember that you’re never really alone and there is always someone who will listen to you, just like me! I might go into detail on this when the time is right but at this moment in time, I’m okay-ish, I mean i’m still dealing with it and processing it all, but at this moment in time I am okay.

Anyways enough of my rambling!

How have you guys been? What’s new with you?
Send me your me blog posts links! I’d love to have a read 🙂

Love, Pingkan x

0 responses to “Love Is Enough | Wolford Hosiery”

  1. Andini Ria says:

    Love everything about this outfit! The detail on those tights is so cute too <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. Leigh Brady says:

    Outfit is so pretty! Loving the hat! I can relate to the random thought triggering loads of emotions too much, you think you're fine then all of a sudden your not, it's not a fun thing to deal with! Hope you're feeling better this week! x


  3. Pingkan M says:

    Thanks Andini 🙂 Hehe love them so much! x

  4. Sounds like you're going through an emotional phase now and I hope everything will turn out okay for you. On to the outfit, I have never ever worn hosiery before…..wait, maybe I did when my mum was in charge of my wardrobe and that's why I never worn it ever again.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. We all have that melt down moment sometimes… last time I had it was yesterday afternoon! ha! anyways… such as life. Going to the gym is awesome!
    Great post and looooove your look!
    ig @grace_njio

  6. Bolliana says:

    Loving your style girl! Good choice of outfit xx

    Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog

  7. Amazing photos, and your style is gorgeous. I love the hat and the sunglasses look stunning. Lovely post xx

  8. You look gorgeous! 🙂 Love every single detail! 🙂 x
    Helena – Swedish girl in Tokyo

  9. Seyra Rico says:

    Oh, we're all human! We go through ups and downs! I really hope you find your light again!

    – Seyra x

  10. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you leigh 🙂 x

  11. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you Nina 🙂 x

  12. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you Shireen 🙂 I only really go for tights but these pull ups have changed my whole hosiery game! haha x

  13. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you Grace, I really need to start going regularly to the gym! x

  14. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you lady 🙂 x

  15. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you Marina, hehe they're literally my favourite combo! 🙂 x

  16. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you so much Helena 🙂 x

  17. Pingkan M says:

    Thank you lovely, i'm feeling more like myself now 🙂 x

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