Mac Nice ‘N’ Spicy

Now let me tell you somethin’, this lip liner right here is just ‘the dream’.
I love how it glides on smoothly without feeling like chalk scraping across your lips – i’ve had that done in the past and honestly… Ouchie. To be honest i’m surprised it’s taken me this long to actually purchase a MAC lipliner. I own a load of their lipsticks and have delved into their base products in the past; but just never bit the bullet and bought a lipliner. I guess I was just happy with my Rimmel ones and never really thought that I needed another nude lipliner – but, oh my lord, this has changed the way I think about the way my lips should be treated! 

To be honest, part of me was suckered just by the name… ‘Nice N Spicy’. Seriously, isn’t that just genius? It gives such a nice browny nude against my skin tone and adds that extra something to an ‘everyday’ glam look. On a day to day basis as long as I have my eyebrows done; i’m set. But now with this bad boy; it’s eyebrows and lips and then i’m good to go >.<

Have you tried any other MAC lip liners?
Comment down below if you have any links especially with swatches hehe – i’d love to see!

Love, Pingkan x

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0 responses to “Mac Nice ‘N’ Spicy”

  1. Haven't really tried any of MAC's lip liners but this one looks great on you. I love the name as well!

  2. This looks so pretty on you <3 I only own one MAC lipliner and it is an electric pink that is so different from Nice N Spicy! I will take a look at this and swatch it the next time I am in a MAC store 🙂 xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  3. Pingkan M says:

    Ahh you should definately give it a try whenever you go past MA 🙂 The name is what got to me! >.< x

  4. Pingkan M says:

    Awh thank you so much! I bet your gonna fall in love with it ^^ x

  5. Ooo, this looks really gorgeous on you! I've only ever had one lip liner, and it was from MAC. Thankfully I was talked into it, since I was buying an incredibly dark lip color, haha!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

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  7. ariannachatz says:

    This is one of my fave lip liners! I also love Soar by MAC too (although it's always sold out!)

    Arianna x

  8. Pingkan M says:

    Thanks lady ^^ Ahh what colour did you get? x

  9. Pingkan M says:

    Ooo i'll check that one out next time i'm around MAC, thanks lovely! 🙂 x

  10. Ooh I love this colour on you!

    I don't have any of the MAC lip liners – definitely need to add some to my collection 🙂


  11. Pingkan M says:

    Awh thank you ^^ Definitely start! I've got a list to get for the future! >.< x

  12. Jas S says:

    I have a Mac lipliner in the colour Soar and it's lovely, yours looks great too! I only own a couple of lipliners but Mac is definitely the best one

    Cultivation of Jasmin

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