The Silk Bomber Jacket

Thursday, 31 March 2016

I've always been a fan of 'the bomber jacket' and this isn't actually the first time i've featured this beautiful embroidered jacket on my blog, you can find the first time I styled it here. I truly adore this piece and lately it's become a staple in my weekly outfit choices. I gravitate to it the most when I want to chuck something on quickly for a bit of warmth; the fact that it's black and white makes it the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

There has been a surge of bombers from the catwalks to high-street and I am totally in love! On this occasion, it was the first time I actually wore it with white jeans and i'm feelin' it.
I normally keep the bottom half of my outfits quite plain and safe i.e black; but I thought off -setting it with these white jeans would embody the simplistic vibe which i've been really into. Of course, i'm still obsessed with my Adidas Superstars they just simply haven't left my feet - I think they sit perfectly within the whole look i'm going for - 'sport the luxe'.

I only had a few things to do on this particular day and it was literally the perfect outfit to run errands in. Although sitting down was a bit tricky as public transportation especially in London can be quite grim at times... But what else is a chic girl supposed to do!
Outfit > Practicality ;)

I did think to tie it across my waist as well, but I don't think I can really pull off that whole look. Who knows! Maybe next week i'll think differently and try a Jenner thang!, with the check flannels around the waist - just woke up like this, look.

Bomber Jacket: River Island | Trousers: Primark | Watch: Tag Heuer | Shoes: Adidas Superstars

Photographer: Jean-Michael Ipock

What do you think of the bomber trend? 

Love, Pingkan x

Mac Nice 'N' Spicy

Monday, 21 March 2016

Now let me tell you somethin', this lip liner right here is just 'the dream'.
I love how it glides on smoothly without feeling like chalk scraping across your lips - i've had that done in the past and honestly... Ouchie. To be honest i'm surprised it's taken me this long to actually purchase a MAC lipliner. I own a load of their lipsticks and have delved into their base products in the past; but just never bit the bullet and bought a lipliner. I guess I was just happy with my Rimmel ones and never really thought that I needed another nude lipliner - but, oh my lord, this has changed the way I think about the way my lips should be treated! 

To be honest, part of me was suckered just by the name... 'Nice N Spicy'. Seriously, isn't that just genius? It gives such a nice browny nude against my skin tone and adds that extra something to an 'everyday' glam look. On a day to day basis as long as I have my eyebrows done; i'm set. But now with this bad boy; it's eyebrows and lips and then i'm good to go >.<

Have you tried any other MAC lip liners?
Comment down below if you have any links especially with swatches hehe - i'd love to see!

Love, Pingkan x

Little Mistress Blogger Event | Debenhams Liverpool Concession Launch

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing the newly launched Little Mistress concession at Debenhams, Liverpool. It was a super cute blogger meet-up with the lovely ladies from Little Mistress and not only did we get treated to some gorgeous cakes after, I finally got to meet two local blogger babes (Stephi & Abigail) who i've been following since I started to blog! Make sure you check out their blogs :)

If you're around Liverpool One or searching for a dress you've seen online make sure you take a peep at their new concession. There are so many outfits and dresses to choose from; literally everything from formal wear to race dresses, fun playsuits and fitted jackets. They really cater to all and have quite the selection.

It was so nice to hear that Chloe Lewis actually had a very hands on approach with the Designers at Little Mistress, there's been a surge of celebrity collabs that pop up from everywhere and sometimes i'm like really, they designed that?. So it was soo refreshing and great to hear that she was very much involved from start to finish. I think that's why this collection is so different and really tailors to the trends that have been circulating around the fashion world recently. Compared to the traditional styling of Little Mistress, it's the details and attention that Chloe must have shown in designing them that makes this collection really quite unique.

Hat: Forever 21 | Jumpsuit: Little Mistress* | Watch: Kate Spade

I wore this floral jumpsuit, which not only fit like an absolute dream but had so many lovely compliments on it from colleagues at work to random strangers as I was walking to the event in town. Full length photos coming soon >.<

Make sure you take a moment to look at their new collection and comment down below and let me know your favourite pieces!

Love, Pingkan x

Scandinavian Style

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I've been really into minimal looks lately. I just love anything that has a Scandinavian street-style feel to it. Each time I browse Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram I would come across a multitude of stunning images of various chic fashionista - of which is clearly rubbing off on me especially from this post.

Coat, Bag & Top: Zara | Jeans: Pull & Bear | Scarf: H&M | Shoes: Adidas Superstars

I bet you're probably sick of seeing this coat and I am so sorry! I just can't help myself... It literally goes with everything! I think I was trying to channel my inner Michael Jackson in this pose, I can understand why this was his go-to. I feel like you can never go wrong with blue denim and camel; its a tried and tested combination that has been around for years and years and never really goes out of style.

Sunglasses & Bracelet : Asos | Watch: Kate Spade

Photographer: Jean-Michael Ipock

I hope you liked this minimal look and minimal writing style, I know I usually blubber on! >.< Let me know what trends you've been really into lately, i'd love to see! 

If you have an instagram you can follow me on there too @lifeofpingkan 
> <

Love, Pingkan x

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