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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Last Thursday-eve, myself and the 2 amigos Francesca & Kariza headed down to Liverpool One to check out the new Body Shop store layout and have a very-much; hands on experience of the exciting new Spa Of The World range with our lovely personal Skin Expert and fellow North West blogger babe Aisling of RosySmiles.

As you can see, the layout is more open plan, clean and sophisticated than the previous, which enticed us more than usual to physically get hands on with the products. In an almost lush-esq fashion; I was really chuffed to see that there was now a sleek new sink located in the middle of the store for easy hand-wash access. I don't know about you but I am a sucker for testers. I find that I almost always want to test everything out but there's always either no tissue left to wipe off the excess, or of course; no tap in sight to fully give your hands a cleanse! So to find a sink smack bang in the middle of the store gets a 10/10 from tester-holics like me! ^^

Firstly, let's talk about the super exquisite rose gold labelling and  the warm brown hues of the packaging. It all exudes luxury and sophistication, a definite bit of table-top candy. I am a big fan of the evolution of The Body Shops packaging, everytime a new range comes the packaging and even the lettering just keeps getting better and better.

Aisling gave us the complete "low-down" on these products from the marvellous Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay to the Japanese Camellia Cream (my  personal fave). In short this new range is designed for you to have the mos luxurious spa experience at the comfort of your own home. The scents and lotions will help you not only unwind but very much relax, basically perfect for a lazy Sunday pampering sesh!
Honestly, if you go past a Body Shop make sure you go and take a quick peek/ experience the smell of gorgeousness from these products!

 Far too happy with my Body Shop goodie bag!

I'll report back with my final thoughts on this new range as i'm still testing out a few things, but I hope you enjoyed this post, it's a little different to my normal fashion / outfit posts but hey your gurl loves her skincare too ^^

Let me know if you've tried anything from this range. I'd love to know which one your favourite is!

Pingkan x

Sweet & Savoury Watermelon Pizza

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

In a bid to be more healthy and get that smokin' summer body, I have been trying my hardest to not eat junk food.
Granted I have slipped off the band wagon a few times as of late, I mean a couple pasties here and there, a few bag of crisps at lunch, okay okay sometimes before dinner too.. etc.
However no more of that! I have exactly 2 weeks today to get sexy for my final holiday of the year.
Here is an easy, quick & healthy; mouth watering snack to keep not only your sweet tooth, but cravings at bay.

May I present to you... The Watermelon Pizza!

I LOVE watermelon and pizza so imagine my face when I got light (via Pinterest feed) of this glorious combination.
Here are 2  of my favourite types to please the pallet. For a sweeter and tangier flavour you will need:
1 Watermelon
Vanilla Yoghurt
Passion fruit 
Honey - for added sweetness.

Simply cut the watermelon so that you have an even layer / same thickness of base. Then layer on a couple of spoonfuls of Vanilla yoghurt and add the fruits of your choice; In this case I opted for the fruits above. You can arrange this any way you like and don't forget to slather some honey on top too.

I mean look at that deliciousness!

For the more savoury taste you will need:
Feta Cheese
Dried Fruits
Balsamic Glaze

For just this savoury option alone will only take you max 3 minutes, just sprinkle the Feta cheese with the dried fruits and splatter on the Balsamic glaze. If you have never experience Balsamic glaze and fruit before.. You're welcome ^^

The best thing about this snack, is that it's super customisable so you can mix and match all flavours if you fancied.

Hope you liked this post, comment down below if you would like to see more healthy snacks and if you do decide to have a go yourself feel free to tweet me @lifeofpingkan  so I can see :)

Pingkan x

Abersoch, Gwynedd, UK

Weekends In Wales

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators | Jacket: River Island | Crop Top: H&M | Belt: Primark | Trousers: Vintage Versace 

Last weekend I accompanied my Tante (Aunt in Indonesian) and Kaka (Sister / Elder in Indonesian) Ria, to their holiday caravan in Abersoch, Wales. This would be the 3rd time I've visited their new home away from home, however this time we just stayed for the night. We arrived pretty late from my aunt's Indonesian gathering (earlier in the day),  and so didn't really have enough time to take photos of the beautiful beach - a popular seaside resort!; home to the annual Wakestock Festival specialising in windsurfing, dinghy-sailing & jet skiing.
 *Note to self, must go back and take photos of the beach and scenery in all its gorgeousness!. 

Nevertheless it was so lovely to be away from hustle and bustle of the city and actually inhale some fresh air! Also the insane amount of Indonesian food I ate helped a great deal in relieving my weekly stress levels too.

I wore my momma's vintage Versace silk-like trousers god bless the 90s! accompanied by a striped crop top from H&M. To hide the food baby I knew I was going to develop, I paired this outfit with my sleek silk bomber jacket from River Island. If you look really closely you can see the beautiful embroidery of a tiger and bamboo plants, which is the main reason why I bought it! 

Some of the amazing food that my Tante had prepared for our one night stay! 

Here is a meal prep of some Mie Ayam (Chicken noodle soup) and Chicken Satay with Lontong (Rice cake) mmm!

I hope you have also had a food filled (much needed) weekend breath of fresh air! 

Love Pingkan x

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