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When In Westminster | The Search For Cupcakes

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hat: Zara | Crop Top: Republic (Old) | Midi Skirt: Primark (Old) | Kimono: Handmade (By my Auntie) | Sunglasses: H&M | Bag: Michael Kors (Messenger bag)

Last weekend I found myself heading down to London not only to see my second family but to also go paint balling - I've never been before so naturally the concept of potentially getting bruised was still a mystery to me, I did however google 'paintball bruises' as many of my friends and colleagues said that it was gonna HURT.. And boy were they right. Thankfully these pictures were taken the day before I went, hence the zero appearance of black and blue patches, I did really love it though, despite the rain, mud and insane bruising. I would highly recommend the Chaos (ie: Spray & Pray)

The boyfriend (Jean-Michael) and I decided to head on over to central London for the day in search of some cupcakes, I had a mega craving for these little bumps of heaven ever since the train ride from Liverpool. So I threw on my trustee Primark midi skirt, paired with a simple white crop top and finished the look off with my aunt's handmade Kimono which she kindly made for me a few months ago. I love mixing bright colours and patterns and this outfit definitely doesn't scrimp out on either. 

Now our usual preference for cupcakes is of course, The Hummingbird Bakery, but unfortunately by the time we got to the Soho store it was closed :( So then we decided to stroll around questing for an alternative and during this journey we stumbled on this beautiful little street in Westminster, where of course a prime OOTD moment was fresh at hand. 

 Unfortunately we only found muffins and brownies in our endeavour to deliciousness and in the end the only time we ever did see a cupcake was in Kings Cross Station! - a charming little Lola's Cupcake stand sigh, however Jean-Michael and I already tapped in on the wrong side.... a barrier to satisfaction.. boo. 

I will be back south side soon and a any cupcake is definitely high on my priority list! *Fistycuffs*

Love Pingkan x

Monochromatic Hello's

Thursday, 23 July 2015


I'm Pingkan

A lover of all things Fashion and Style.

At University, I was serendipitously exposed to the incredible blogger worlds of Aimee Song, of Song of Style and Rumi Neely, of Fashion Toast. I soon made the move and ventured through hours and hours of YouTube vloggers and became hooked. (I mean really, who hasn't watched like a bajillion Michelle Phan videos? I truly adore that lady) Just like any fashion obsessed fan girl I definitely had those 'Wow, that is so cool! I wanna do that too!' moments.

One of my main reasons for not starting, is that I am no expert writer. I've always struggled to really express my feelings, never mind physically typing down how I feel. (I mean that's what emojis are for.. right?) But after recent events, which I may or may not share, have made me realise that i must be courageous and simply go for it. Life is so precious and short, so you have to make the most of it.

I hope to venture out of my comfort zone (more like Adventure) to write meaningful posts and of course, share some killer outfits, amazing eats and outstanding scenery that will hopefully inspire you too! 

Hat: Urban Outfitters | Shirt: East End Thrift Store | Skirt & Bag: Rare London

To kick off my first OOTD, I thought, why not delve into the always very chic; monochromatic look. Inclusion of one of my adored favourite white shirts - bought a few years ago from the East End Thrift Store which for me, is an essential to any fashionista's wardrobe. This, teamed with a black skater skirt (pleather of course) sets to complete an outfit that can only be described as summer-time classic!

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and do let me know what your classics are! :)

Love Pingkan x

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