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Personal Lessons learnt during lockdown


5 life lessons learnt during lockdown… 1. We are stronger when we act together. 2. You should prioritise your physical and mental health, not only your bank accounts and career status. 3. How little we need and how much we already have 4. Focus on what you can control and find it in you to accept what you cannot. 5. Small accomplishments give you inner…

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3 Lessons To Learn From Failure


A few things have crossed my mind the past few months in regards to failure. How do you define / measure failure. Are there different levels of a failure or does one thing make the whole situation a massive fail? Is failure a bad thing? Throughout 2018 and the start of 2019 I have experienced many failures; I feel a bit more open to talk…

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Ren Perfect Canvas Review


Ren Perfect Canvas Review   The Ren Perfect Canvas* primer is described as ‘A silicone-free perfecting serum for all skin types, designed to sit over moisturiser to smooth fine lines and prime skin for make-up.’.     When I originally received this during the summer it just didn’t seem to work with my combination / skin dryness level thus retiring it to the backend of…

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Personal Styling Service With John Lewis Liverpool


      Personal Styling Service With John Lewis Liverpool Being a fashion lover and style blogger, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what fits-well into my personal style. However this also means that I am quite the creature of habit when it comes to certain outfits choices and quite honestly, can have an inertia which sometimes lets me stick to…

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Keeping it Cozy with UK Lingerie


Keeping it Cozy with UK Lingerie These days I am living for those Sunday nights with fresh bedding and new pyjamas. Thanks to UK Lingerie* my Sundays have been super cozy and comfy with some new additions to the loungewear department – these adorable pj’s and underwear set. La Marquise Love Hearts Pyjama Set Can we just take a moment and look at how adorable…

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